Will Raccoons Come out in the Rain

According to the experts, the behavior and the activity of the raccoons will change depending on the weather and season. While they will not be hampered by a light rain or a drizzle, they will choose to remain inside their den during a heavy downpour. Breeding and the gestation of most animals such as raccoon will also be influenced by the climate. Most of their movements will be affected by temperatures, pressures, and humidity.

How Kentucky Raccoons Are Affected with the Weather
As the temperature drop, the activity of the raccoons will considerably decline. Therefore, you will not usually encounter them during the fall or winter. In addition, they will not be visible when there is a heavy rainfall during these seasons. The pouring of rain can increase the level of humidity. High humidity is also a situation that can influence the movement of the raccoon. Based on the studies that was conducted on raccoon, they found out that moderate and low rainfall will not affect their activities. On the contrary, heavy rainfall can virtually stop their movement.

Heavy Snowfalls
During heavy snowfall, the movement of the Louisville raccoon will completely shut down. They will not go through a state of hibernation, but they might enter a state of slumber. They will start building up their body fats during the latter part of the summer season up to the autumn. They will also store oak seeds in their den that they can use later. At the end of the winter, the animal will lose at least 50% of their total body mass.

What if the Rainfall Does Not Stop?
On the off chance that the rain did not stop, the Louisville raccoon will be forced out of their hiding. They will temporarily hunt for fish, frogs, and other animals found in bodies of water. After their hunger has been satiated, they will immediately return to their den. This is another sign that a rain can affect the activities of the raccoon. Nonetheless, they can also rely on the weather to improve their hunting rate. For instance, during a heavy flooding, it will be relatively easy for them to hunt for preys that lives on water. They will also be totally safe from the flood since they can easily scale trees.

Temperature Raccoons Prefer
Usually, the raccoon will prefer to stay in place that has at least 25-degrees temperature. Fortunately, the light rain showers will not be able to affect the temperature significantly. This enables them to conduct their usual activities. They are resilient and they will be able to endure the rain that will continue for days. Eventually, they can move out if the rain do not stop. Once the temperature drops, the raccoon will be looking for a place that will give them warmth and comfort. Our attic will seem to be the perfect place for them to wait and allow the rain to pass. Unfortunately, they can cause great deal of damage to our property. If you want to keep them away, be sure to seal all the access point and fortify the areas that need repairs.

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