Squirrels Feces: Appearance and Where to Find Them

Animal droppings will not be a pleasant matter to discuss to everyone. However, it is an important subject. The droppings of the animal can be used to properly identify the animal infestation. This will support you in creating a plan that will control their presence and damages in your property. This will also help you determine the possible health risks related with the animal infestation.

How Does Squirrel Poop Look Like?
The Kentucky squirrel dropping may look like the poop of the rat at first glance. However, their color may appear paler. The diet of the squirrels will not be diverse like the rat, so the pale color is to be expected. The shade of their poop may sometimes be red or brown. It has a barrel-shape form and usually bigger when compared to the fecal matter of the rats. It has tapered edges that are softer. The size will be about the size of the jellybean and may have an average length of 5-8mm. As the squirrels move around, they will leave their droppings in various spaces of our house. Dropping of the tree squirrels will have the wood fibers but you won’t find this feature on the poop of the ground squirrel. This is because the ground squirrels are burrowing animals.

Where to Find Squirrel Latrines
The droppings of the Louisville squirrels will usually be concentrated in a distinct spot in our house. It will be unlikely to discover them scattered. Just like the mice, they tend to be discreet when leaving their fecal matter. Since they consume a great deal of food, the droppings that they will leave behind can also be significant. You will usually find the latrines on the inconspicuous areas of the house such as the attic. The tree squirrels will use the hollow of the trees as their toilet.

How to Clean the Droppings of the Louisville Squirrels
Proper sanitation is essential to eliminate the threats of the squirrel feces. Their droppings can be hazardous to the health and should never be approached by individuals who lack the experience. In case you have interacted with the droppings of the squirrel and you suddenly feel sick, you need to call your local health service provider at once.

Be sure to wear face mask and rubber gloves when cleaning the droppings of the squirrels. This is a safety precaution to avoid contacting diseases such as tularemia, leptospirosis, and typhus. Wearing protective gears can reduce the probability of disease transmission. Unfortunately, until you successfully eradicate the squirrel infestation, cleaning their droppings will be ineffective. Their feces will continuously accumulate if there is an active infestation in your property. Therefore, hiring the service of the professionals would be the best way to handle your situation.

Professional squirrel removal companies will not only get rid of the animal infestation but can also conduct the decontamination procedure to eliminate the droppings and the health risks related with it. They can also perform repairing service to keep your house squirrel-proof.

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